Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lunch - Quinn Touched The Sun

Resurrection [2013]

GREETINGS. So as all good music bloggers will do, I have been dreadfully neglectful of new uploads, link requests, and pretty much everything else in my life. I really am sorry, I met this girl named Spotify a while back and, well, we're in love...

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by my old watering hole and an let you guys know what I've been up to since I been gone. Basically, it's LUNCH, a lot of Lunch. We got this new tape here if you wanna give it a little listen. More importantly, LIKE US ON FACEBOOK cuz we have really low self esteem.

Finally, we are on this DELI "Artist of the Month" poll and we TOTALLY NEED YOUR HELP to crush some awful solo "indie" thing that keeps getting a bunch of votes (presumably from their family members...).
Ends on 7/18/13 so if anyone sees this page, please help us out! If we get some more votes I can promise you a superb post or to will be coaxed out of me..


Like any good punks, Portland's Lunch makes loud, fun music for questionable people.
Poised with fistfuls of thick guitar, pounding rhythms, and copious amounts of attitude, the quartet paints a range post-pop-punk melodies around a barrage of salacious lyricism. The influences involved look much The Gun Club playing Buzzcocks songs in the style of Wire. Mostly, though, it sounds like an upbeat collection of garage-y punk songs played with as much gusto as the rainy weather will allow. The band's first full length, "Quinn Touched the Sun", is throbbing musical effort filled with garage-pop anthems and post-punk ballads for any and all people who want to move their feet.

"Lunch play with a complete loss of inhibition that’s captured perfectly by latest cassette, Quinn Touched the Sun. Unbridled energy sweeps through their lo-fi recordings; dominated by fuzzy guitar riffs, chugging bass, pulsing drums and anarchic vocal shouts. It’s honest garage rock with a punk edge, complimented by noise-pop undertones that can keep a room moving with short, explosive songs. The group is about to depart on a west coast tour but keep an eye on their facebook page to hear about their homecoming and any future Portland shows. This kind of music is best experienced in person. - Benjamin Toledo, Deli Magazine



  1. lets give away digital versions of great albums but when it comes to the bloggers own band lets charge you on bandcamp. what a pathetic fuck. have a great day and go fuck yourself.


    ........enjoy, you young punx........