Friday, August 31, 2012

Tiger Trap - Tiger Trap

K [1993]

These are the last days of summer. Let's celebrate the waning sunshine with something light, shall we?

Or maybe I just finished the new K Records book and it was awesome as fuck... Who knows?

This goes out to my new friend Tim.

Thanks again for the picture of your feet.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Big Eyes - Hard Life

Don Giovanna [2011]

I don't usually post modern releases but this here album just got me so worked up I had to post it. If you are at all in the know then you already have this album. Thing is, HIMK is a place where us out-of-touch folks come to congregate and listen to music, so here is BIG EYES.
This is some wonderfully catchy and melodically ripping punk with a 77' flare and garage-pop sensibility. It's infectious.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trumans Water - Peel Sessions

Strange Fruit [1995]

The greatest Trumans Water record is their first. It really is. Alas, the only copy I have of that is etched into a slab of vinyl and despite my overwhelming effort to obtain a cost-less digital copy, I have failed. SO, we are going to listen to the next best thing. This is some stuff the melodically noisy four-tet did with John Peel in the mid 90's. It's good.

And if anyone want's to share with us a link to a copy of "Of Thick Tum" we will worship you publicly. Thank you.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

BARR - Summary

Upset! The Rhythm/ 5RC [2007]

I thought I had posted this long ago. I guess I hadn't.

It's raining where I live. Right now. It's the middle of August and it's cloudy and raining. Thank you Portland.

This is BARR. It's Brendan Fowler speaking important and not-so-important things over his band mates musical explorations. I think it is important you hear this.


Doggpony [2005]

And here is my second favorite BARR album. You are being required to listen to this as well. It's homework for the apocalypse.