Friday, July 27, 2012

Fuckemos - Can Kill You

Rise [1994]

It's hard to find something to say about this record that it doesn't say for itself. It's trashy, tasteless, and amazing.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Scissor Girls - From: The Scissor Girls To: The Imaginary Layer on Skeletons

File:Imaginary layer On Skeletons.jpg
Quinnah [1994]

It's time to get weird with some of that early(ish) -era now wave racket from Chicago's Scissor Girls. The name of the game here is obnoxious guitars, poorly play dance punk rhythms, and sass.Lot's of sass. Sass is the key.

Oh ya.... and costumes


Friday, July 20, 2012

Sleepies - "Seriously"

God Mode/ 16oh [2012]

Was going to send this as a response to an email I got from this band about their new single. Instead, I decided to post it here... duh...

I just spent an intimate morning with your catalogue and I just wanted to let you know that it was extremely satisfying (both sexually and intellectually). The new single is definitely a standout piece. The combination of dissonant, sludgy, punk riffs and the unadulterated atmosphere of garage-partying is both intriguing and thoroughly refreshing. I hope you see what I am getting at... Your band is the Arnold Palmer (drink) of punk. If you don't understand the weight of that compliment then I implore you to fill the nearest tolerably clean glass glass at your disposal with equal parts lemonade and black tea. Now drink it. See what I mean? Your band is amazing.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Blackouts - History in Reverse

K [2004]


So the other day, while browsing the World Wide Web, I discovered that I was a stupid idiot. I came about this epiphany abruptly after hearing this here band The Blackouts and realizing that I had spent all of my (obviously worthless) life up to that point in complete ignorance of one of the greatest things that exists. After a short bout of self loathing and utter despair, I decided to grant myself another shot at living and listened to this album about 6,000,000(... etc.) times. After the period of self-medicating with The Blackouts, I am happy to report that I not only do I still want to continue living, but that I also want to buy a saxophone again...

Ps. The Blackouts are an incredible post punk band that formed in 1979 and they are better than most other things that exist. They are rhythmic, dark, and sassy. Those 3 ingredients not only make a great dancer (wah, wah), but are also the recipe for a perfect band.

Pss. This is a compilation of material recorded between 1979 and 1984.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Envelopes - Demon

Brille [2005]

I was digging through some music that I haven't listened to in a while and this little gem was screaming at me when I found it. I listened to this album approximately too many times when it came out. It's good. You will probably hate it, but that's because your taste is awful and your dumb and we're not friends any more.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I haven't eaten today. Come sit down on my bed. I will put on some lo-fi indie pop and we can hold hands. Wait till you hear these songs. The melodies are disgustingly infectious and the production is just the right balance of dirt and glass. No, I don't have any chocolate milk. Hear me out real quick. These guys are Swedish and French so the preciousness in their voices is not their fault, they are born like that. It's actually more fun than pretentious. In fact, the overall feel is quite "cute". Like Kimya Dawson's Antsy Pants "cute".

Fine, I will get you some chocolate milk but then we are listening to Envelopes.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Joe 4 - Enola Gay EP

Whosbrain [2011]

Got a request to review this recently. I was aware of this band's existence but had not really spent time with any of their material.
I just spent some time.
I like this.

Joe 4 is a trio from Zagreb, Croatia. I had to look up where Croatia was. Apparently it's next to Bosnia and across the bay (Adriatic Sea) from Italy. I will admit that learning this somehow increased the band's cool factor in my unreasonable mind.
Anyway, these guys produce some spectacular noise. Overall, the music offers a combination of classically angular noise rock with the melodic presence and energy of a post punk/ hardcore tune. The guitars are dry and metallic (that "aluminum" sound), the bass is gritty, and the vocals are barked with an intensity akin to a thunderstorm. Think Brainbombs doing a Fugazi cover. Ya, these guys sound like Brainbombs imitating Fugazi (in the best possible sense). All of this is tangled within that intensely staccato rhythm we might expect from such a venture. It's easy to see why these guys got Albini to do their most recent record.

Check these guys out and buy their stuff.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fats Domino - Greatest Hits: Walking to New Orleans

Capitol [2007]

I have been half-heartedly searching lately for some R&B that will blow me away. I know this soulful genre has something that will make my brain explode, I just haven't found it yet.
If you have any suggestions please throw them at me so I can scratch this itch...
We will listen to Domino while I wait...