Friday, July 6, 2012

Joe 4 - Enola Gay EP

Whosbrain [2011]

Got a request to review this recently. I was aware of this band's existence but had not really spent time with any of their material.
I just spent some time.
I like this.

Joe 4 is a trio from Zagreb, Croatia. I had to look up where Croatia was. Apparently it's next to Bosnia and across the bay (Adriatic Sea) from Italy. I will admit that learning this somehow increased the band's cool factor in my unreasonable mind.
Anyway, these guys produce some spectacular noise. Overall, the music offers a combination of classically angular noise rock with the melodic presence and energy of a post punk/ hardcore tune. The guitars are dry and metallic (that "aluminum" sound), the bass is gritty, and the vocals are barked with an intensity akin to a thunderstorm. Think Brainbombs doing a Fugazi cover. Ya, these guys sound like Brainbombs imitating Fugazi (in the best possible sense). All of this is tangled within that intensely staccato rhythm we might expect from such a venture. It's easy to see why these guys got Albini to do their most recent record.

Check these guys out and buy their stuff.


  1. Croatia is across the bay (Adriatic Sea) from ITALY, you ignorant.
    Anyway, I give you credit for your great blog.


  2. I will own my geographical ignorance. Fixed. Thanks.