Monday, September 5, 2011

Gob - Winkie

Satans Pimp [1993]

This album changed how I saw music. Purchased in a time when I would snatch up anything and everything  Pessimiser, Slap a Ham, Bovine, or Satans Pimp had to offer, this strangly decorated CD would end up blowing away my perceptions about what heavy music could be. I mean, I liked weird, aggressive hardcore, but Gob's "Winkie" was a game changer. Everything about this album blew my mind. It was a fuzzy, lo-fi, sometimes melodic, pile-driver of repetitious "sounds". It was hardcore played with what seemed to be completely made up chords. It was a perfect marriage of noise-rock and powerviolence, complete with fantastically rambled lyrical satire. It was untouchable.
This album will forever inspire how I play and listen to music. Thank you Gob.