Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Press Color

ZE [1979]

Today is French no wave day. I have declared it...
So, naturally, we are listening to certain Ms. Descloux's classic art-as-fuck dance-wave masterpiece. This is for snorting white drugs and getting weird in your basement.

This is the re-issue version of the album ZE put out in 2010. It's got a bunch of extra tracks. Enjoy.



  1. Much thanks for this. I recently lost this beloved album in a hard drive failure. Such is the ephemeral nature of mp3s ... in any case, bonus thanks for the bonus tracks.

    One minor thing: the 5th song came out corrupted when I unRAR'd. Dunno if others are having the same problem but I thought it was worth mentioning.



  2. I am somehow missing the 5th track as well. I don't have a physical copy at this point either. If anyone wants to help us out by linking the 5th track we would be much obliged and owe you kisses (sorry Zen, we are in this together and it's too far to turn back now)...