Friday, June 15, 2012

Tit Wrench - Full Employment

Vinyl Communications [1993]

I thought I already posted this but I guess not...?

Here is a compilation of "songs" by southern California's greatest electro-noise-punk band. I know, I know... That's a big statement to make. Well I'm a big man with a big brain and I get to say whatever I want cuz I'm overwhelmingly intelligent...
Also, Tit Wrench are amazing and all to unappreciated... I think. We are talking a non-stop assault of squealing synthesizers and comically buzzsaw-ish guitar shreddery over poorly planned drum machine sequences and a vocalist who is pretty much just Sam McPheeters... Oh ya... And the samples...

Now I'm sure your all clamoring for the download link at this point, but if by some strange reason you're not, then watch this all too confusing live performance and tell me you don't want to hear more....



  1. Saw these guys several time in their, and my then hometown of San Diego, they put on a great show. Thanx for sharing.

    1. I'm definitely jealous. To be in SD when it was a relevant scene always sounds like a magical time.

  2. You may be interested in my article, entitled: "Full Employment: Let Me Count the Ways."

    1. That was both unexpected and surprisingly enjoyable. Thank you. I will have to side with the author on option #1. In fact, HIMK now has it's first socio-political agenda. By the power invested in me as musical dictator of this place, I hereby decree: WORK LESS AND HANG OUT MORE.
      That is all...