Friday, September 28, 2012

Eat Skull - Wild and Inside

Siltbreeze [2009]

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Been out and about. I'm also sorry that I have never posted anything from Eat Skull. It becomes more and more apparent to me as time goes on that I am much more stupid than I think I am.
Anyway, if you don't already know, Eat Skull are a beautifully lo-fi pop/ noise/ garage punk outfit from Portland, OR. They were part of that whole "shitgaze" scene that prevailed during the later half of the last century. Last time I saw these dudes they were really drunk.
This is their second album and it's better than their first. I mean, it's not a lot better, but it is indeed better. You know?...


Siltbreeze [2008]

This is the band's first album. It's real good, but not quite as good as the second album...


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