Sunday, October 14, 2012

El Paso Hot Button / Attractractive and Popular - Jungle Fever / Live From Hell

El Paso Hot Button / Attractive And Popular split
Little Mafia [2008]

Let me first say that I no longer have this release in it's physical form and finding information obtaining to it has been a pain (to say the least). I suppose this makes sense since this release was apparently a major flop and neither of these guys were ever much more than obscure. That being said, this album is AMAZING. The reason it got so little attention is because most people's heads are filled with applesauce or something.
El Paso Hot Button is a one man extravaganza of cock-splosive proportions. As with Mickey Reece's previous releases, this offering is a grove-filled sonic experiment with a little bit of noise and a lot of NASTINESS.
Attractive and Popular bring us that sex-drenched mid-2000's electro-sass with the sass turned up to 11.


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