Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beer, Blood, and Dancing... HARD

"I sweated so hard that I came..."

The most succinct way to describe the Sexy Prison/ Mayyors experience. Basically, if you lived anywhere within a 45 min drive from Sacramento, CA over the past few years and you liked noise punk and/or partying really hard in someone's basement/ living room/ garage, then you know the beast I speak of.

In short, when Sexy Prison stopped, Mayyors took the torch. Both bands share charismatic, spit-covered frontman John Pritchard and both bands bring the sex-hurt. Pummeling, repetitive bouts of overblown, electronically drenched, dancepunk. This batch of albums will make you sweat glitter and blood.

Sexy Prison - Italians Who Just Saw Rocky

Sexy Prison - Filth Flarn Filth