Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Men - Leave Home

 Sacred Bones [2011]

So I hope this I'm not shitting all over this bands deal by saying this but this album sounds just like PISSED JEANS. Like, straight up, all the best parts about Pissed Jeans (with some extra noisey aspects and experimentation of coarse). Now, to me, that is a fantastic thing. I like 'em Pissed Jeans. Blown out, noisey hardcore is perhaps the best thing going right now. Bands like Twin Stumps, Drunkdriver, and Dry Rot still catch my attention every time, and those influences are all present here. At least for the first half of the album. After the track "L.A.D.O.C.H." (a real fist clencher), we have a departure to the sort of fuzzy, surf pop/punk/rock that we were graced with from the album prior. It's a beautful transition and a perfect representation of the bands diversity. The Men are like a model for how much you can do while always maintaining a layer of grit and fuzz. This album excites me. It will excite you... Get excited...


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