Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lords of Light - Energy

625 Thrashcore/ Life is Abuse/ Little Deputy [1998]

Local Portland friends here. If you have not heard Lords of Light then expect to be confused and aroused. It's basically a prog-pop trio on a mission to destroy hardcore. Frontman August is Portland's David Yow. They have stopped playing shows so if you didn't see them before then you should be really upset, like really upset. You missed out on possibly thee greatest adventure of your life. You are pretty much a failure now. Now I'm not saying that to encourage you to go out and do anything stupid, but I'm not going to blame you if you do.... take your own life out of rightfully-earned shame...



  1. They totally still play shows. You also don't have the last song of the album.

  2. Last I talked to em the drummer moved back to Europe...
    Will fix the missing song thing...