Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vampire Hands - Me and You Cherry Red

Peppermint Coffins [2008]

I saw these guys at the DAM house in Davis a few years ago when they were touring on this release and was blown away by all aspects of their living room performance. To be honest, though, that living room in Davis (RIP?) rarely left me un-amazed.
Anyway, this CD got WAY too much play when in the months following the show. Something about it just sounded perfect to me. The grooves are fantastic. The songs are so catchy that I want to cum. Even listening to it now I am astounded that these guys didn't gain any real popularity (or maybe I am just a stupid fuck and didn't notice if they did).
The tunes are surely unique. The best comparison I can muster is maybe Drum's Not Dead-era Liars mixed with a bit of early Yeasayer... but somehow better...

Fuck, this album is good...


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