Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dry Rot - Philistine

Parts Unknown [2009]

Wait, what are these guys doing on the cover of this record? Are they wearing pants in the pool? They look like Dads. I wish my Dad would do cool stuff like this... Is this a baptism I'm witnessing? What's going on here? Is it just two Dads hanging out in a pool... at night? Oh wait, I get it, it's just a purposefully intriguing record cover by a band that knows I like purposefully intriguing record covers... that they made specifically for me...
Mysterious guy hardcore. Hopefully you know about it. It's often a scary and avoidable thing. Dry Rot, however, are stereotype smashers. Stereo smashers. They smash stereos. Also, they produce some amazing as hell hardcore/noise punk. We're talking under distorted and overblown. Fast songs broken apart by cool jams and experimental gallops. It sounds like Born Against and the Minutemen being played inside one of those giant contraptions they use to smash cars.
This is smashcore.


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