Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Handsome Family - Last Days of Wonder

Carrot Top 2006

The Handsome Family represent a perfect reflection of my life's ultimate aspiration... I admit it fully... I'm a sucker for the idea of spending my later years traveling around as a snarky, well dressed,  husband-and-wife alt-country duo. I just am. Get off my shit...
I discovered the Handsome Family years ago while watching Jim White's amazing film "Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus", where they appear with a bunch of other amazing artists. I you haven't seen this beautiful documentary, then not only are you bad at everything, but now you have a new life goal (that is, tell Netflix or your computer or whatever to give you this to watch... then watch). The Last Years of Wonder was the first album proper that I bought by these folks and it made me happy. It will do the same for you. Promise. It's a delightful blend of americana and gothy folk. It's music that makes you think for a split second that south is anything but scary and backwards as fuck. Then I quickly remember the south is scary and backwards as fuck. My Portland ass is such a bitch...