Friday, May 13, 2011

John Spencer Blues Explosion - A Reverse Willie Horton

 It's damaged blues Friday and your just gonna have to deal with it. I know you were waiting for me to review the newest Panda Bear EP but that's just not in the cards. Shit's gettin' crazy...

Public Pop Can [1991]

The master of blues hurt at work on this gem. Taking from his long experience with the Pussy Galore, Boss Hog, and Gibson Bros, John Spencer eventually did the most logical thing he could; create a perfect culmination of those past experiences under a title that included both Blues and Explosion. Genius. 
This is the first release from the Blues Explosion and boy is it a live one. Obviously still on fire from the aforementioned band experiences, A Reverse Willie Horton sparkles like a mature, thoughtful, blues-rock train wreck (the good kind, asshole). It's like a Pussy Galore after being married for 5 years and having two kids. That is to say, this is definitely a wall of noise rock inspired blues, but there is an element of well "roundedness" that I guess should be fully expected, really. The substance of this thing plays like a rockabilly, punk nightmare (but fully avoids that psychobilly bullshit). Distorted, detuned blues licks with a constant attack of soulful rambling screams from mister Spencer. It's as though Elvis and Alan Vega had a child. For real. And if that doesn't make you wanna download this album then you should hack at your throat right now...with scissors....

I like my throat